Manage material flows with unparalleled efficiency


Manage your supply chain in real time

Manage and analyse your material flow and suppliers with the help of real-time data.


Save time on billing tasks 

With automatically generated and vendor-specific load reports, you can save hours on all billing tasks.


Improve efficiency and prevent disruptions

By analysing collected data, you can get a better idea of the different parts of your supply chain and prevent possible disruptions.



All the management tools you need, easily available in real time



Towards optimal use of resources


If your supply chain management is faulty, materials will not be used optimally, and resources will be wasted. Through our real-time dashboard, you can get all the information you need, such as suppliers and the weight of incoming loads put together in a digital format. You can stay up to date on incoming loads and inventory status, which promotes more efficient delivery management and better use of resources. 

Avoid unnecessary costs and react more flexibly


A real-time view of the inventory status and supply chain operations promotes more efficient inventory turnover. When you have a better understanding of your deliveries and how they fluctuate, you can respond more flexibly to sudden changes. This way you can prevent potential disturbances and avoid unnecessary costs.

Create reports quickly and effortlessly


Handmade reports are time consuming and prone to human error. With automatically generated load reports, you don't need to waste your time with Excel and can handle invoicing and reporting quickly and easily. 




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