Save electricity with SUPERSENSE Eco

13 Dec 2021| Harri Lääveri
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Do you know the real-time electricity consumption of your company? 

There have been significant and rapid changes in the price of electricity during 2021 for a variety of reasons. Energy bills are generally received once a month and provide retrospective details of how much energy has been consumed during the billing period. While many energy companies have websites where you can log in to monitor consumption a little more up-to-date, monitoring is often done with a delay of at least one day even with these services.

What if electricity consumption could be monitored in real time?

Using SUPERSENSE Analytics Eco, it is possible to monitor energy consumption in real time, and if there are several measurements to be made, such as by production line or plant, the data can be accurately separated by location. Both real-time measurements and production history data can be tracked with SUPERSENSE Eco's reporting tools, which provide a clear visual representation of where and how much energy is being consumed. Monitoring energy consumption is easy through the real-time dashboard, which combines the most crucial figures for energy consumption and allows the user to see the overall performance at a glance.



Additional savings with electricity price data and energy consumption forecasts

By combining consumption data with, for example, real time price data for market-priced exchange electricity, it is possible to create predictions about when industrial production would be most profitable. By using these price forecasts, consumption can be scheduled to cheaper times and peak consumption can also be reduced, for example through staggered start-ups. 

With SUPERSENSE Eco, all consumption data as well as various forecasts can be securely distributed within the organization to anyone who needs the information. Learn more about SUPERSENSE Eco or contact us

13 Dec 2021| Harri Lääveri

Save electricity with SUPERSENSE Eco

real-time data eco electricity
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