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Jani Peurasaari (KenVe) and Harri Lääveri
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The Big Data revolution is one of the greatest phenomena of our time and impacts all sectors, including the energy sector. Modern power plant automation systems collect data on all kinds of things related to production. However, that data is typically locked inside the system. This was the reason behind our decision to introduce the SUPERSENSE Analytics while modernizing our automation system. 

Now data is safely available to all the key members and its importance in everyday work is great. 


Cloud-based services make data easily accessible for everyone

SUPERSENSE Analytics is based on retrieving production data from a remote operating system, storing it in the Azure cloud service, and combining these figures into a user-friendly format. The real-time KPI dashboard can be accessed anywhere and on any device within network connections. Making this data available to everyone is a very important thing for us. 

We can only grant access to the remote access system from which the data originates to those for whose work it is necessary. However, as SUPERSENSE Analytics does not include feedback to the remote operating system, viewing rights for the real-time KPI dashboard can be granted to all those who need it - from production workers to the chairman of the board.


Integration with familiar tools ensures that the tools are utilised

The Microsoft product family solutions are familiar to everyone, and we as well have Office 365 accounts available to all employees. The same login credentials can be used to see a real-time production snapshot as well as emissions and other reports. Ease of use, therefore, has a great impact on the data actually being viewed and utilised.


Automatic reporting facilitates decision-making

Automatic reporting makes it easier for many people to work in a multitude of different ways. For example, the finance department sees reports of surface changes in oil tanks. This allows them to easily transfer information to fixed asset accounting. Likewise, water consumption can be easily monitored, which helps us, for example, to locate possible leaks in the district heating network.

In the past, emissions reports were made to some extent by hand, but now they can also be obtained fully automatically. This, of course, facilitates reporting to the authorities, but it also has a major impact on the emission efficiency of production. Daily automatically generated reports always describe the previous day's events and regular review of these will help those concerned to find ways to improve emission efficiency.


Locating faults in the district heating network becomes easier

Through SUPERSENSE Analytics reporting, district heating network foremen also get a near-real-time view of district heating network operations. This can be utilized, for example, so that when the end customer reports that the heating in their home is not working, it is possible to easily and quickly determine from the report whether the fault is in production, online or on the customer’s end.

The impact of this is significant: it is possible to serve the customer better, to quickly identify possible problems in the district heating network and to minimize their economic and environmental impacts.


Data increasingly guides everyday life

As the utilisation of SUPERSENSE in our organization grows with the completion of the new bioheat plant, data will guide the daily lives of more and more Kemi Energy and Water Oy employees. We will then introduce production demand forecasts, which will become one of the most important tools for production workers.

In addition, we are considering the introduction of a maintenance management system, SUPERSENSE Alarms, that connects to Microsoft Teams. This should change the way maintenance and emergency services work in a much more data-driven and efficient direction.

Data will be one of the most important intangible assets of businesses in the future - and SUPERSENSE helps us get the most out of it.

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