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Who are you, and how did you come to work for Innotect? 

I’m Aapo Jaakkola, a software engineer and graduate from the Lahti University of Applied Sciences (2008). I have previously worked as a programmer in product development for a company producing personnel systems, as an entrepreneur in small-scale farm, and as a freelancer in both graphic design and marketing.  

One day, my fellow student who was working at Innotect contacted me and invited me for a job interview. Right from the start, Innotect seemed like a well-organised and professional company.  

The staff, from which I only knew Harri before, are all experts in their field as well as nice people. I did not hesitate to accept the position offered in the company. At Innotect, I feel fulfilled, and I am able to focus on my tasks in order to produce a great and thorough result.  

The company encourages the use of carefully considered novel technologies, which in addition to many other things, is excellent from the point of view of employees. A great team spirit is present throughout the organisation, and the working atmosphere is professional and pleasant. 


What projects are you currently working on? 

The initial project I began working on at Innotect, together with the company's development architect and production team, was the development of the SUPERSENSE software. Together with our customer, Kemi Energy and Water Oy, we utilised the latest technologies from Microsoft to create a more reliable and secure system for their everyday material management. Since then, the software has evolved and expanded as a solution, especially for industrial purposes.

At the moment, I am involved in a project where our task is to export healthcare data to an archive. The critical requirement in this project is to export the data to the electronic archives of the new system in a controlled, secure, and carefully tested manner. The information is present in a variety of forms, and during the process, this information is organised and type-converted, and electronic documents are created based on various templates, which are prepared in the format required by the Kanta-service. This task requires database expertise, and development work in order to allow for the conversion.  


Tell us about a typical day at work.

A typical day for me consists of short meetings with all the individuals involved in my project, where we determine the accuracy and nature of the information extracted from the sampling documents based on certain definitions.

I then design the data processing methods together with the company’s system architect, or I implement the plan independently according to ready-made models. I process the sampling data, converting it into a structured format using various technical methods.

Using CSS methods, I prepare electronic document templates according to the models. I then use a variety of IT tools to convert the data into electronic documents on a disk that the tester then goes through to check the accuracy of the data. This process is repeated until the information has been thoroughly checked.  


How do you enjoy spending your free time? 

After a day of work, I usually like to go outdoors, either biking or hiking in the countryside. I find that nature brings a good balance to sitting in front of a computer. The forest terrain allows me to organise my thoughts and balance my mind, and walking is a good exercise to counteract sitting.  


Tell us something surprising about yourself.

I have been beekeeping as a hobby for almost ten years! I have a few beehives that I eagerly take care of in the summer. This is well-known at the office, as my co-workers are my primary customers for the sweet honey produced by the bees. Beekeeping is also a suitable counterbalance to IT work.  


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