Ensure the performance and usability of field devices


Predict device performance

Monitor the performance of field devices and predict their usability and reliability.


Minimise downtime

By predicting the performance of your devices, you can schedule maintenance measures to minimise downtime.


Improve your production process

The collected data can be used as the basis for developing your production process.



Predict device performance and avoid costly downtime



Predictive maintenance 


Did you know that your factory's devices independently monitor their performance and process conditions? However, this data is rarely utilised systematically. By collecting this information you can prevent process disruptions, quality issues, device failures and downtime. Moreover, by monitoring the condition of your devices in real time, you can detect issues in advance and predict device performance. This can significantly prolong the lifetime of your equipment and help you to target maintenance to where it is needed.

Take advantage of your data for optimisation


When you have a good understanding of your factory and devices, you can make more informed, data-driven decisions. The collected data can be used to make your factory run smoother and to optimise your operations. Meanwhile, strategically scheduled, and cost-effective maintenance measures make your business more profitable.



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