Take advantage of your factory's data to streamline your production


Data-driven decisions 

We collect real-time data from your factory and bring it into decision-making, allowing you to make more informed judgements.


Analyse, optimise and predict

By analysing the collected data and the performance of individual devices, you can predict production needs and optimise the amount of energy produced. 


Always in control of your own data

For us, data ownership means that your data always remains in your control without unnecessary middlemen.



Import real-time data to support decision-making



Make the most out of your data


Every day, vast amounts of data are generated by the various devices and systems in your factory, which are left untapped without the right kind of tools. By analysing the collected real-time data and combining it with information from other sources, we can get the most out of your data. In this way, decision-making is based on facts rather than guesswork. 

Optimise production and emission efficiency


From the real-time dashboard you can see your factory's current situation as well as possible trends in production. These allow you to maximise the amount of energy produced and minimise emissions. Modelling of different production scenarios supports production planning and enables a more optimal response to unexpected situations. 

Your data is always safely in your hands


Unlike with other solutions, you always retain ownership of your own data. Data is imported and stored securely and is always under your control. Security risks can be prevented effectively when your information is not accessed by third parties. 



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