With a real-time energy consumption dashboard, reducing costs is easy

Everything you need in one place

Track your real-time energy consumption conveniently in one place.


Bring data into decision-making

Get a complete overview of your consumption and utilise your data in decision-making.


Predict and optimise

Energy consumption predictions help you find new savings targets and reduce your environmental impact.



Let the data guide your decision-making




Do you know where your energy is going?


It's hard to save when you don't know where your energy is going, and what you are paying for. With our real-time dashboard, you can track the energy consumption of all your properties in one place and detect potential trends and deviations. Increased transparency of your consumption supports decision-making and helps you identify unrealised savings potentials. 


Moving towards more cost-effective consumption with predictions


With our smart solution, you can optimise and predict your energy consumption, taking into account possible determinants such as the weather or the spot price of electricity. Thus, we can help you steer your consumption in a more optimal direction and determine the most cost-effective times for energy use. 



Your data is always safely in your hands


Unlike with other solutions, you always retain ownership of your own data. Data is imported and stored securely and is always under your control. Security risks can be prevented effectively when your information is not accessed by third parties. 

Share information conveniently


An open flow of information is an essential part of any organisation. Make the most of your data by sharing it with all your key personnel, for example through Microsoft Teams. Your information is always available in a user-friendly format. 




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