The Power of Shared Mind

Take the IoT data from your production facility to the cloud and share it with all your key personnel.

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Manage your production and share information with SUPERSENSE’s smart tools

SUPERSENSE takes advantage of the secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment, putting you completely in control. You can freely monitor, optimise, and create scenarios based on your production facility’s data. You don’t need expensive external help to track changes because you can do them easily and quickly yourself. Your company’s internal communication improves since the control tools are easily available to all key staff, for example within the familiar Teams environment.

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Share information and manage your factory’s production more efficiently than ever, without unnecessary middlemen

Your factory produces a huge amount of IoT data. Now you can have all of it put together in an understandable format.

Instead of handing over your information to an external party, you will have it safely in your own use. Stored to the cloud, the data are always available to you when you need them.

SUPERSENSE changes your data into a format that is easy to manage and that your key staff can take advantage of without any additional costs.

By incorporating real-time data into your company's management, decisions are based on facts rather than guesswork.

"Our company culture has become more open because of SUPERSENSE removing unnecessary obstacles to the flow of information."
Jani Peurasaari|Kemin Energia ja Vesi Oy
"Thanks to real-time process monitoring, we are achieving a reduction in CO2 emissions of at least 10% per year."
Kemin Energia ja Vesi Oy


SUPERSENSE Analytics aggregates all IoT data from your production facility, analyses them, and transfers the information to the cloud in an easily understandable format. Every relevant member of your personnel is able to control the production at any time, without unnecessary middlemen.

SUPERSENSE Material is a supply chain management tool that allows for real-time analysis and management of material flow, contracts and load weighing. You can share information effortlessly, for example via the Microsoft Teams platform.



Northern Finnish utility Kemi Energy and Water Ltd. took SUPERSENSE Analytics into use when they upgraded their district heating network’s automation system.

With the help of the SUPERSENSE service, a customer can monitor and optimise production in real time and create alternative models based on production information. All this, as well as emissions monitoring and reporting to the authorities, happens directly in the customer’s own cloud.

At the same time, the production information was made available to all relevant staff - securely and irrespective of their devices or location.


Harri Lääveri

Save electricity with SUPERSENSE Eco

real-time data eco electricity
Antti Lehikoinen

Monitoring decentralised district heating production with Supersense Analytics

supersense real-time dashboard district heat

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